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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Summer Programs 2007

Module I
Foundations for Directed Retreat

An interior life grounded in authentic prayer and a profound experience of God are paramount in building one’s competency in retreat giving. This course is for persons who have no personal experience of an
individually guided retreat. It seeks to provide the participants an opportunity to:

1) experience God and God’s love
2) notice and relish one’s experience of God
3) develop the ability to pray affectively and relationally
4) become acquainted with Ignatian prayer methods
5) increase one’s sensitivity to one’s interior reactions/affective responses to God’s presence in one’s life
6) become familiar with the dimensions and dynamics involved in the development of one’s relationship with God

Course Features:

Part 1: Orientation to Prayer (Process and Dynamics),
Life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and Ignatian Prayer, Relationship between Spiritual Direction and Counseling
Part 2: Five (5) Personally Directed Days of Prayer (Individual Silent Retreat)
Part 3: Appropriation Days, Religious Experience, Discernment of Spirits

Module II

Fundamentals of Directed Retreat Giving

This course endeavors to equip the participants with the basics of directed retreat giving. Particularly designed for those who wish to undergo a systematized training in directed retreat-giving, this program aims to help participants to:

1) become acquainted with the nature, focus, and scope of spiritual direction as well as issues related the dynamics of spiritual direction
2) learn basic helper skills

Course Features:

The Life of Ignatius of Loyola and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola
The Nature of Spiritual Direction, Religious Experience, Contemplative Model of Spiritual Direction, Discernment of Spirits, Blocks/Resistances in the Spiritual Direction Process, Models of Development: Psycho-social, Psycho-sexual, Moral and Faith Ethical Issues, Basic Helper Skills, Supervision, Retreat Framework

Module III
Supervised Retreat Giving Experience

This module provides an opportunity for retreat directors-in-training to guide persons through a five-day silent retreat during the Lenten Triduum.

It aims to help participants:

1) acquire an experience in directed retreat giving
2) gain personal experience of supervised retreat giving

Module IV
Lecture series on Giving the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola

(Prerequisite: Modules I, II and III or equivalent program, and participants must have prayed the week/s of the Spiritual Exercises being applied for)

Intended to present an opportunity for participants to aquire a working knowledge of the specific sections and texts of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius, this advance module aims to help the participants to develop a more adequate understanding of the Exercises.

Mod IV-A: The Annotations and the First Week of the Spiritual Exercises
Mod IV-B: The Second Week of the Spiritual Exercises
Mod IV-C: The Third and Fourth Weeks of the Spiritual Exercises

Preached Retreat Animation in Ignatian Spiritual Exercises

This course endeavors to equip participants with skills in preached retreat giving.

It aims to help participants:

1) to formulate a retreat Plan for a weekend using the themes of the Spiritual Exercises
2) to give preached retreats
3) to facilitate small group sharing during retreats


Please complete this form and mail or fax to: Center for IgnatianSpirituality (Phil). Spiritual Pastoral Center, Seminary Road . Ateneode Manila University Campus. Loyola Heights,
1108 Quezon City. Fax:426-4250 E-mail: cis@cisphil.org

I am interested to participate in the following module/s:
____ Foundations for Directed Retreat
____ Fundamentals of Directed Retreat Giving
____ Supervised Retreat Giving Experience
____ Lecture Series on Giving the Spiritual Exercises
Mod IV-A ____ Mod IV-B ____ Mod IV-C ____
____ Preached Retreat Animation in Ignatian Spiritual Exercises

Full Name: ______________________________________________________
Nickname: ___________________ Birthdate: /M/______ /D/______ /Y/______
Sex: ________ Religion: ______________ Occupation: _____________________
Home address: ___________________________________________________
Office address: ___________________________________________________
E-mail address: ___________________________________________________
Land phone: ______________________ Mobile: _________________________
If member of a religious order, what congregation do you belong to? ______________________________________________________________
How long have you been in the congregation? ______________________________
If lay, are you single or married? ____________ No. of children: _______________
Have you made any retreats in the past? Yes ____ No ____ When? _____________
How long? _________ Name of retreat director/directress: ___________________
Have you received any spiritual direction in the past? Yes ____ No ____
With whom? _______________________ How long? _____________________
Have you participated in any CIS program or any training in spiritualdirection?
Yes ____ No ____ Which program/s? __________________________________
Reason for participating in the program/s: ______________________________________________________________
Indicate what type of accommodations you prefer:
Single occupancy ____ Double occupancy ____
Do you have special diet? ____________________________________________

CIS Phil will contact you for interview and other requirements for application. Thank you
very much for your interest in the programs. For more information please contact CIS Phil
at 426-4250/51. Website: cisphil.blogspot.com or cisphil.org


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